As of August 2011:

Sigma Chi has 15,832 undergraduates, 240 undergraduate chapters, 17 colonies, and over 300,000 members overall - making Sigma Chi the largest collegiate fraternity in the world, no matter how you measure it.

Sigma Chi has more than twice as many alumni chapters as the top 3 runners up combined - an example of our lifelong brotherhood.

The Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, hosted by Sigma Chi, is the largest annual conference of any fraternity or sorority with nearly 2000 undergraduates in attendance every year.

9 Forbes' 500 CEOs are Sigma Chi's, less than only Beta Theta Pi and tied with Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

In 2003, Forbes magazine listed Sigma Chi as one of the 5 best fraternities for future CEOs.

In 2005, Sigma Chi became the 1st fraternity to be recognized by Congress.

Although 75% of Congressmen are Greeks, Sigma Chi has more seats than any Greek-letter society with 11 men in the House and 6 in the Senate.

The Magazine of Sigma Chi wins the award for 'Best Greek-letter magazine' every 4 years- each society is only eligible to win once every 4 years.

Last fiscal year, the Sigma Chi Foundation gave over $250,000 in undergraduate scholarships and more than $1.6 million to leadership programs - more than 7x that of any other fraternity or sorority!

On average, the Sigma Chi Foundation gives about $10,000 to each undergraduate chapter annually - more than a member pays in dues their entire college career.

Of the 240 campuses on which Sigma Chi has chapters in the U.S. and Canada, 14% of them have a Sigma Chi as president of the student body.

1 Sigma Chi at WIU is president of the Interfraternity Council and another has been Senator-at-Large for the Student Government Association for 2 years.

The last 2 Homecoming Kings at Western Illinois University were both members of Sigma Chi Fraternity.