Benefits of Membership in Sigma Chi

It is only natural that you should wonder why you should join a fraternity. Rather than simply assuring you it is worth it, we have provided you this list of benefits of membership:


As a Sigma Chi, you will be part of the largest collegiate fraternity in the world with twice as many alumni chapters as any other Greek-letter society. With more than 350,000 members, you will have immense networking opportunities.

Personal Development

The pledge program, as well as Sigma Chi's various leadership programs, has been perfected over 165+ years to develop character and values-based decision making. Research by Gallup and Purdue University suggests that fraternity men are more likely to thrive (physically, financially, emotionally) in their post-graduate years than non-members. The Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics reported that Greek organization members are more likely to participate in student government, perform volunteer work, and begin their careers immediately following graduation. Further research indicates that fraternity members are more involved in civics, take more leadership roles, and exhibit better communication and critical thinking skills than non-members. Fraternity men also report healthier relationships with their peers and greater job satisfaction in their post-graduate years. The University Learning Outcomes Assessment project, which measures the success of various academic programs, found that fraternity membership, on average, increases performance in every area of growth, learning, and development which they measure.

Leadership Experience

Undergraduate members are given opportunities to take on leadership positions in the pledge class, the WIU chapter, and the international fraternity. In addition, our members are strongly encouraged to get involved on campus and in the community (more than 75% of the WIU chapter of Sigma Chi belongs to at least one other student organization). These offices provide excellent training for the professional world.

Leadership Programs

In addition to the pledge program, Sigma Chi offers several leadership conferences, seminars, and workshops. These programs include the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, Horizons, CHOICES, and Mission 365. To learn more about Sigma Chi leadership programs click here.


Sigma Chi International offers several undergraduate and graduate scholarships to members. Last fiscal year alone, the Sigma Chi Foundation funded over $230,000 in undergraduate scholarships. The WIU chapter of Sigma Chi also offers the Charles C. Gilbert | Jordan Standard Scholarship to Western students.

Lifelong Brotherhood

Alumni of Sigma Chi don't say "I was a Sigma Chi" they say "I am a Sigma Chi." The bonds of our fellowship are lifelong because they are based on shared ideals and experiences - not similar personalities. Our chapter is proud to say that a quarter of our entire alumni base returned for our 30th anniversary in 2019 - a number far higher than any organization can hope for.

Affordable Housing

Rent at the the Sigma Chi house is the most affordable in Macomb and less expensive than the residence halls. We also offer semester leases and take steps to ensure the house remains a safe and sanitary environment conducive to studies. Common rooms and private bedrooms are on entirely different floors.

Service Learning

Sigma Chi, like many values-based organizations, believes the best way to teach is to involve. Our members are asked to 'walk the walk' through community service. Planning and participating in community service and philanthropy fundraisers develops an appreciation for service as well as leadership and event planning skills. Last year we raised more than $3000 for Huntsman Cancer Institute through Derby Days.

Social Outlet

Although it is not our purpose or priority - Sigma Chi does host parties, participates in exchanges with sororities, and provides a variety of other social outlets to introduce you to the larger campus community. We make great effort to ensure our events are safe for both members and visitors, especially women. We even offer a sober driver Wednesday through Saturday nights.


Sigma Chi works very hard to preserve a positive reputation on campus and in the Greek community. Every fraternity genuinely believes it is the best but Sigma Chi has the numbers to support its goal to be the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization. WIU students even voted Sigma Chi 'Best Fraternity on Campus' in 2010. We are proud to call ourselves Sigma Chi's and relish the opportunity to tell you why.

Resume Builder

Although we hate to reduce our society to a few lines on a paper, participation in a student organization such as Sigma Chi, as well as holding office in that organization, simply looks good on a resume. Sigma Chi was even named a top five fraternity for future CEOs by Forbes magazine.

Academic Support

Visit the 6th floor of the WIU library any day of the week and you're sure to run into several Sigma Chi's. Our local chapter offers several incentives for high academic performance and plans its policies around the goal of raising member GPA. In fact, research shows that fraternity members are more likely to graduate on time than non-members. Additionally, the All-Fraternity GPA consistently outperforms the All-Men's GPA across North America and at Western Illinois University.