Sigma Chi Does Not Haze

The following policy statement has been adopted as a part of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity Governing Laws.

Statement of Position Concerning Pledge Education & the Ritual

The teachings of our Ritual, the basis of all our pledging and initiation, as well as active and alumni life must govern our every act and attitude. Initiation into Sigma Chi, while importantly a ceremony by which new members are inducted into our order, is the threshold Ritual experience for a Sigma Chi brother. If he has been well prepared, this new brother will embrace our principles as a unique and powerful force for good in his life and in the world at large. If he has not -- that is, if his pledge-ship has been marred by senseless acts of servitude, embarrassment or danger -- the Ritual may never truly take hold of his heart and mind. As Sigma Chi brothers, we have no greater obligation than to make sure that each man joining our ranks is prepared to become, through Sigma Chi, the best man he can be. If we fail, by giving in to our basest and weakest instincts and allowing these young men to be hazed, we risk nothing less than our extinction. We will not fail.

The Basis Of Concern

Hazing is antithetical to Sigma Chi. To the extent that hazing does exist in Sigma Chi, it must be eradicated. Accordingly, those who haze will cease doing so immediately or be severed from Sigma Chi.

Hazing Defined

Hazing is an act performed by any Sigma Chi or pledge member that results in an environment of servitude or in any way endangers or demeans any Sigma Chi or pledge member, regardless of that person's willingness to participate in that act.

Pledge Program Philosophy And Expectations

The pledging process must prepare our future brothers for a lifetime in Sigma Chi by allowing them to learn and live our principles through a thought-provoking and meaningful program.

The goal of the pledge program is preparation for a productive life as a Sigma Chi leader, not forced humility or second-class citizenship. These men are to learn and be shown that the daily practice of fairness, decency and good manners is how we become a credit to our Fraternity. Toward that end, the following expectations are shared with the solemn promise that every brother and chapter in Sigma Chi will be held accountable to them.

  • The minimum standards set forth in The Jordan Standard require us, as a Fraternity, to ensure that we allow each student time for his academic responsibilities, reasonable sleep and reasonable campus involvement. Our prospective members are in school for an education, a learning experience both in and out of the classroom. A pledging environment inconsistent with these ends will not be tolerated.
  • To pledge and to be initiated into the order, the minimum academic standards as outlined in ECR 3.07-2 and ECR 3.07(i) are required for active or pledge membership.
  •  Whatever is done or allowed to happen during the pledge program must be fully consistent with the ideals and the spirit of our Ritual, Ritualistic Statutes, and Governing Laws.
  •  Hazing will not be tolerated at any time during recruitment, pledging, initiation or following initiation.
  •  Every chapter's pledge program must be consistent with the Sigma Chi Policy on Alcohol and Drugs.
  •  The pledging process, including pledging and initiation, must be completed within one academic semester/quarter, unless authorized in writing by the Grand Praetor.
  •  Under no circumstances may any pledge program extend beyond 8 weeks; Sigma Chi recommends 6-8 weeks.
  •  Alumni resources (e.g. chapter advisory committee) should be utilized in planning and conducting the pledge program.
  •  A complete pledge program outline (bid night through ceremonies of initiation) must be approved by the Chapter Advisor and Grand Praetor prior to commencement of the formal recruitment process.
  •  The complete program and expectations of pledges and brothers alike must be communicated, in advance, to all active members.
  •  Brothers must lead by example, as well as by words.
  •  The pledge program must be consistent will all local, state, provincial, and federal laws, along with host institution and Sigma Chi policies.
  •  The pledge program is not to be used as a "weeding out" process; that is the purpose of the recruitment program. Sigma Chi's goal is to initiate 100% of the individuals pledged.


Sigma Chi's specified programs for recruitment, pledging and initiation, when free from any hazing or questionable activities, have proved to be effective in achieving the development of active, effective and committed brothers. These programs are to be honored and perpetuated. In contrast, pledge programs marred by degradation, hostility and thoughtlessness -- in a word, hazing -- consistently yield apathy among our brothers, injury to the Fraternity's reputation and even death. Such programs are a thing of the past in Sigma Chi.

Each brother is honor bound to safeguard the reputation and dignity of Sigma Chi through participation and unwavering support of constructive and meaningful pledging programs.

With this expression of concern and communication, our confidence is placed in you.