The Sigma Chi Ritual

The Sigma Chi Ritual represents the values and belief system uniting every single Sigma Chi undergraduate and alumni brother regardless of chapter, alma mater or age.

In one sense, the Ritual of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity has the same purposes of rituals found in everyday life, from religious ceremonies — marriage, baptism, weekly worship — to modern rites of passage like graduation. These rituals, while containing a deep and often extremely moving message, exist to define the traditions of an organization.

When paired with ceremonies and words unique to a particular nation, religion, school, or club, these traditions provide a standard formula for the organization’s activities and teachings. When taken together, the two forge a common bond among the organization’s members. Every member participates in the same ceremony, hears the same words, and lives the same experience. If successful, this common experience gives the organization continuity and structure, and fosters pride among its members.

Why a Secret Ritual?

With its secret ritual, Sigma Chi distinguishes itself from not only other Greek societies, but from all other organizations. While many icons, symbols and slogans used by Sigma Chi may also be utilized by other societies and organizations, the Sigma Chi ritual is unique. It provides a shared experience for every member and obligates them with a commitment to the lifelong pursuit of our ideals.

Secrecy ensures learning. Every member understands what exactly what Sigma Chi represents as they commit to the Fraternity's values and mission as they strive to apply its lessons to their lives. Learn more about pledging Sigma Chi.

Ritual for Life

To help Sigma Chi brothers learn Sigma Chi’s ritual and ritual history and inspire them to apply its lessons to their lives, our Sigma Chi chapter uses the  "Ritual for Life" post-initiation education program.

Ritual for Life uses a blended learning approach to educate new members on the Ritual, utilizing the Sigma Chi U online learning platform, weekly group discussion sessions, experiential activities and journaling.

The objectives of the program are to guide new initiates through an examination of the Ritual’s history, evolution and interpretation; to explain its statutes and demonstrate how to perform its ceremonies; and to affirm initiates’ lifelong commitment to the development of self, others and community through Sigma Chi’s values-based living.