Dear Brothers,

The capital campaign is off to a great start and I am overwhelmed by the commitment to support the chapter.  Having the best fraternity chapter house on campus was a dream that each of us had for many years, but now that we have it, we have increased responsibilities and new financial demands.  To help, the house corporation and fundraising team has undertaken the capital campaign with the goal of providing the best fraternity housing experience for our undergraduate members. 

$350,000 is a large number, and to some may seem an unrealistic goal, but that’s a long-term multi-year goal.  Our immediate goal is only $35,000 by October 31st and we have already reached 46% of that.  Every indication tells us that $35,000 is a realistic and achievable goal.

Why $35,000?  There are many reasons, but the simple answer is that running a large fraternity house is expensive. Among other costs, insurance has increased 20%.

In closing, remember the obligation that we all took during our Sigma Chi initiation. Remember Dr. Gilbert’s words to each new member that, “One day you will be called upon to support the chapter.” 

Now is the time to reflect, commit, and reconnect with your Iota Omicron Sigma Chi brothers.  

A monetary donation is the easiest way to support the chapter and I “Challenge You” to do so.  The chapter is strong; it is time for the alumni to come forward and help provide the chapter with the best Sigma Chi experience at WIU possible.

In Hoc,

Paul Anast

House Corporation President