The long-hyped project to install fire-suppression sprinklers in the chapter house is complete. The installation, which was conducted in two phases over the last four years, cost $35,000 and was completed more than a year ahead of the deadline. Although the project exceeded our estimates by $3,000 (partly due to the passing of years between our estimation and the actual installation), that overage was reduced from what it could have been by partnering with the other fraternities and sororities at WIU to collectively negotiate with FE Moran.

We were able to raise roughly $19,500* of that in donations from alumni like you. Although we view the sprinklers, and the $6,000 integrated alarm and strobes, as an undue burden; they do enhance the safety of our members and increase the resale value of our property to the most likely buyers: other fraternities (although we do not have any immediate plans to sell). Now that we have cleared this hurdle, House Corp can focus on renovations and improvements to the chapter house.

*this is a rough figure because some donations are still coming (via pledges to donate every month) and because some donations were in-kind services.