I want to thank each of you again for investing in the future of our chapter at WIU. Leg 1 our the 2023 Capital Campaign is complete and you all superseded the challenge goals we set out for this leg.

  • Goal 1: Update/Confirm at least 50% of the alumni brothers on our contact list from HQ (270/539)
    Result: Updated received for 74% of the list (401/539)
  • Goal 2: Minimum monetary goal of $35,000 by October 31st
    Result: $38,698.50 raised (111% of goal) in this campaign + additional donations= $41,968.72 minus credit card processing fees=$38,270
  • Goal 3: 50% of the updated number to participate at some level (200/401)
    Result: 212 brothers participated (53%)

A huge thank you goes out to the fundraising team. An excellent display of teamwork throughout this leg:

  • Jim Purcell
  • Rob Sauceda
  • Kent Fry
  • Nick Dibitetto
  • Steve Smith
  • Gabe Sanders
  • Zach Jirak
  • Brandon Janda 

Thanks as well to Andrew Crossan, Joel Ridle, and Paul Anast for all the help along the way

Below, you can see the final breakout of updates from the original list and participation among eras.

participation among eras 2023 11 07

participation among eras charter members 2023 11 07

Financial Update

I want to also give each of you Paul’s briefing on how our contributions are helping the current finances of house corps and the chapter house.


 "Financials are in good shape with a current cash balance of $49,526, The real estate taxes were $10,760 for 2023 and our next tax bill is May 2024. Our insurance was $12,198 for 2023. Our house needs some improvements and my opinion is that we should budget about $18,000 to $20,000 towards renovations and maintenance with a BIG Thank You from Alumni Donations. I think we should pull the trigger on the Per Mar system and cutting some of the MTC Communications costs to offset the additional expenses"

* this is the Fire and Sprinkler alarm.  The system requires major upgrades and is in constant trouble mode.  Currently we are in the process of having the communicator upgraded to a Cell radio rather than a hard line.  This will eliminate communication errors, and allow us to drop one of the phone lines. Cost difference is a push.

Download December 2023 Projected Financial Statement

 I am attaching the current financial statement for the house. Please let me know if anyone has any questions. I will get you an answer.

Moving Forward

  • We are supposed to have a House Corps meeting sometime this month. In this meeting, I hope for us to designate a planning committee leader for the 35th Charter Reunion. If anyone is interested in serving on this committee, please drop me a note so I can ensure you are included in the meetings.
  • Leg 2 of the Capital Campaign will begin in the early part of the year. In this leg, we will be focusing on large projects like roof replacement, central AC system, safety exterior lighting for the house. I would like for each of these to be quoted and put together in a project plan/proposal to be presented to interested alumni for partial sponsorship. I will be proposing we find an alumni brother who is familiar with how to put together a proper proposal for something like this to help us put these together. If anyone has this skill set, please let me know. We could use your help.
  • Aaron Hudson has volunteered to put together a quarterly communication to send out to everyone with updates from the chapter. Thank you Aaron. I know many of us have really wanted something like this for a long time. We all appreciate you stepping up to help.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks again to each one of you for stepping up and I look forward to interacting more with you in the future.

Let me know if anyone has anything for me, or if there any questions at all

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