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Dues & Rent

As of August 12th, 2015:



Dues for active members are $435 a semester. Large discounts are offered for living in the chapter house and/or earning a 3.25 or higher GPA the prior semester.

Dues for pledges are $500 total, due in two seperate payments throughout the semester - your badge, pledge pin, manual, and all other materials are included.

Dues pay for insurance, headquarters services, membership materials, house maintenance, and general chapter operating expenses. You also recieve the Magazine of Sigma Chi as long as you're an undergraduate. Payment plans are available for those in need.



Rent in the chapter house is $1,700 a semester and includes utilities, internet, and cable - far cheaper than university housing or any rental company in Macomb.


University Housing                      Sigma Chi Housing

$2,940 rent                                  $1,700 rent

$90 associated fees               $385 in-house dues

$3,030 total cost          -         $2,085 total cost   =   $945 you save, per semester!

*Figures based on double occupancy rate.


Leadership Programs

Leadership programs are entirely free. A portion of your regular dues and the Sigma Chi Foundation cover the entire cost of the program, housing, and food. The chapter pays for your travel.