• West Avery 2021 10
  • Sherman Hall Wiu 800
  • West Avery October 2018

Alumni Who Donate

These alumni have reciprocated the distinction given to them by Sigma Chi by donating to the WIU Sigma Chi House Corporation in 2018:

  • Craig DeLost
  • William Steele
  • Michael Kelley
  • Paul Anast
  • Andrew Crossan
  • Chuck Gilbert
  • Michael Di Iacova III
  • Patrick Hafner
  • Stephen Smith
  • Brian Pasnik
  • Jake Schneider
  • James Draz
  • Aaron Hudson
  • Patrick Knudtson
  • Eric Reynolds
  • Wes Schmitz
  • Randall Evans
  • Samuel Bellone
  • Bob Abderhalden
  • Scott Keen

The undergrads of IO (they pooled cash to contribute more than $1000 above their usual parlor fees)

The above names only include those who gave in 2018 and may not reflect donations made by cash or check. If your name has been left off, please contact Will Steele to get the recognition you deserve.

These names do not reflect those who contributed to the Sampson Leadership Fund or to the Charles C. Gilbert | Jordan Standard Scholarship, as these funds are entirely managed by the WIU Foundation.