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Leadership Programs

Sigma Chi's vision is to be the preeminant collegiate leadership development organization aligned, focused, and living our core ideals of friendship, justice, and learning. As such, Sigma Chi International services our members with several leadership programs designed to help you identify who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there:


Balfour Leadership Training Workshop

Balfour LTW is the largest annual conference in the Greek-letter world with nearly 2,000 Sigs attending every year. This program is oriented toward chapter officers (such as President, Recruitment Chair, New Member Educator, etc.) and focuses on educating our members on how to effectively lead our organization. Learn more here.



Horizons is Sigma Chi's premier leadership program. Admitted applicants are housed in a mountain resort in Snowbird, Utah free of charge for a week in the summer. Horizons is a personalized program which identifies the traits already within you to enhance your leadership abilities not just within the organization, but in your career throughout life. Learn more here.



Sigma Chi is the only organization the esteemed Betty Ford Center has partnered with through the Crossroads/CHOICES program. Crossroads urges participants to drink responsibly - taking a practical approach instead of the typical "don't drink ever" message of similar programs. Learn more here.



Journey is a brotherhood retreat aimed at promoting fellowship between our members. Like all Sigma Chi programs, Journey emphasizes values-based decision making and living the values espoused in our Ritual. Learn more here.


Other Programs

In addition to the above mentioned programs, Sigma Chi offers leadership programs and opportunities to alumni, hosts bi-annual legislative meetings such as Grand Chapter and Grand Council, and offers a recruitment educational known as Mission 365. Sigma Chi is also developing suicide-prevention and anti-hazing programs to be implemented through individual chapters.